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Seeking therapy is a vulnerable and courageous decision. My counseling philosophy is grounded in holistically addressing your emotional needs and meeting you wherever you may be within your current struggle and journey. The strength of a strong therapeutic relationship is built upon the foundation of trust. With this in mind, it is my responsibility as a counselor to do my best to be unconditionally present with you and provide support as you find new ways to respond to the unique struggles and problems you are currently facing. I believe counseling is a journey of self-discovery, which increases one’s self-awareness and understanding.


My approach to therapy is existential and person-centered in nature. I allow the client to govern the path that their therapy will take and support them in meeting the goals they wish to achieve. As your counselor, I serve as a facilitator who journeys with you throughout the therapy session. I believe individuals are motivated to discover solutions to their own questions, uncertainties, and lack of meaning they are presently experiencing. I am responsible for helping you identify, develop, and apply these solutions to your life in order to resolve current issues and challenges. I provide services to individuals who are struggling with an array of emotional health concerns including but not limited to anxiety, stress, grief, loss, and depression.


I aim to create a safe environment in which clients feel comfortable and confident in exploring themselves. I feel it is very important to approach all clients through a unique, non-judgmental, person-centered lens. Practicing this type of approach and support helps open the channels for individuals to create an authentic space that allows them to explore themselves as a whole person. I provide counseling services to adults in a warm, welcoming, peaceful environment with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, or gender identity. Additionally, I specialize in counseling healthcare and human service professionals.


I have extensive experience within the human services and healthcare fields working with diverse individuals and families across the lifespan. My unique career path, spanning over two decades, has allowed me to gain invaluable experience within the areas of mental health, behavioral health, poverty and homelessness, youth and family development, addictions, healthcare, and geriatric care across the non-profit, private, and government sectors. I hold a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands. 



Out of pocket sessions cost $120 for fifty-five minute individual therapy sessions.  I accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment. I currently accept the following insurances: Regence BlueCross BlueShield,  Anthem,  Aetna, and PacificSource. 


I abide by the American Counseling Association's Code of Ethics by upholding the highest standards within my practice (


I review all of my policies and procedures with clients before beginning services. 


I protect the confidentiality of all clients and exercise healthy professional boundaries, unless the client is a danger to himself, herself, themselves, myself, or someone else.


I provide a safe, comfortable, private space that allows clients to explore their barriers and issues in order to promote clarity and healing.  


I strive to practice and demonstrate the highest standards and integrity that positively reflects the counseling profession.


I continuously strive to expand my knowledge, skills, and education by attending clinical supervision, seminars, trainings, colleague support groups, and reviewing the latest research in the counseling profession. 


I encourage, clear, honest, and open communication with all clients.

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